Step 1 (Ordering)
Ordering Covergreen plant mats is easy. Measure your plant bed, choose your conversion factor and order at the website, as you can see in the video:


Step 2 (Preparation)

The soil needs to be prepared prior to installation of Covergreen plant mats. A level, weed-free soil is of vital importance to obtain a result that requires little maintenance. Mixing the top layer with a soil improver will help to improve rooting, as will mixing it with organic fertilisers. As a final step, moisten the soil, so the plant mats will root well.


Step 3 (Installation)

Installation of Covergreen plant mats. One by one. Easily and quickly. The result: a completely covered border at once! A covered border prevents germination of weeds, so your garden will be easy to maintain.


Watch in less than a minute how a Covergreen® plant mat at our nursery fills up completely to form a dense plant mat!