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The application and delivery of plantmats.Size: 400 mm x 600 mm: 4.5 pieces per M²
Species: Covergreen ( Select one of the varieties)
Groundcovering plantmats
Supplier: Covergreen The Netherlands
vegetation: 100% cover

Applying according to suppliers instruction
Fertilization requirements according to supplier

Show your registration certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and you will receive a price list by e-mail.
You can apply at: info@covergreen.nl

Our representative will be happy to visit you.
He or she can adives you and work with you to find an appropriate solution. To do this, you can ontact us by phone (0548-365071), or send us an e-mail to info@covergreen.nl.



We are available 08:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday

Covergreen®  has several production locations in the Netherlands. On each nursery we produce different Covergreen® plantmats. It is therefore our preference to deliver it. For specific questions or wishes you can always contact us.

On average one to two times a year. these activities consist of cutting of edges, removing leafs and removing weeds or trash.


It is important that the ground is clean of weeds and trash. Spit or milling the border. Level the border as you do with a lawn or embankment. Apply a soil improvement ( see fertilization advice) rake this light through the top 5 centimeters, spray the surface lightly with water.

After this you can simply apply the plantmats.
Make sure you keep spraying the ready-to-use ground cover the first two months. Keep spraying until the root of the mat has contacted the ground. It is always wise to seek advice from your gardener or professional.

Tak a look at our roadmap.


The Covergreen® Ready-to-use Plantmats have a size of 40 to 60 cm

Yes. The General conditions can you find here.

On the products of Covergreen we handle a 6% VAT.
On transportcost we handle a 21% VAT.
For foreign orders, no sales tax is calculated, povided that the VAT number is known.




Our payment period is 14 days after delivery.

View here to see all our salepoints of the Covergreen ready-to-use plantmats

  • EG Breeding quality
  • EG Plantpassport NL
  • NAK garden construction quality control
  • Registration number at NAK garden construction: 73224
  • Covergreen®  shows the quality in operation of certificates by NEN-EN-ISO 9001

That is recommended. In this annex the fertilizing advice

Your order can be delivered within 3 working days throughout the Netherlands. Deliveries outside the Netherlands will be discussed.

Covergreen® works with a standard conversion factor:

Conversion factor plantmats per m²
Spacious 4,2
Normal 4,5
Following 4,7

The ready-to-use groundcover have little to no maintenance required. They deliver a hefty maintenance savings and a direct full border. They are easy to apply and do not give a scrap in the planting